Debt Inventory {plus a free worksheet}

I’ve been following a lot of people on Instagram that are working on getting out of debt. Some of them are just starting out and the prospect of getting out of debt is daunting. It seems like a really big deal because it is, but I think the hardest part is starting.

Really starting.

Really starting means gathering all of your debts together and putting them in one place, so you can get a handle on them and then taking action to knock them out.

We were lucky when we were on our debt free journey-well “lucky”-in the fact that we only had one debt. It was a $60,000 debt, but it was only one. Many times, people have multiple credit cards, debts in collections, car loans, etc.

Getting all of your debts in one place, added up, and organized will help you take that first step towards tackling them with a vengeance. If you want a pretty form to do it on, this is the place!

If you’re ready to take that first step, download the Debt Inventory form and get started tackling your debt today!!!

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