Donald Trump’s Sinking Fund

This is NOT a political post. I repeat, this is NOT a political post.

I just read this article from CNN. The gist being that Donald Trump began to raise campaign funds for the 2020 election as soon as he became president. In fact, he filed for re-election on the day of his inauguration.

The article states that past presidents have traditionally held off on fundraising for the first two years of their presidency for two reasons. The first, to allow other members of their party to fund raise in anticipation of midterm elections. The second, to show that their focus is now on governing and not campaigning.

Trump, however, began raising campaign funds immediately. Knowing that he would be running for re-election, he’s going to be miles ahead of whoever his opponent is-and farther than past presidents who ran for re-election-as far as funding goes.

Political opinions aside, I think there’s a lesson to be learned.


Just as Trump knows that an election is coming up four years from the time he’s elected, we know that Christmas comes on December 25th each year. Birthdays fall on the same day every year. So does Mother’s Day. And Father’s Day. And Halloween. And Easter (ok Easter doesn’t fall on the same day every year, but it does come every spring).

You get the idea.

The more you THINK AHEAD and PLAN, the better off you’ll be. So, if you haven’t already, Start a Christmas Sinking Fund Right Now!

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