Investment Inventory {free worksheet}

Hey there! I’ve been working on tallying up our investments (which didn’t take long), but while I was doing that, I wanted to create a worksheet to help keep me organized.

It took a few tries, but I think this one works pretty well. If you use it and think of a way to tweak it and make it better, please let me know!

I added an R: IQ box as a way to check in with the R: IQ Tool on Chris Hogan’s website (If you’re not a Dave Ramsey person, you may not know who that is, but let me know, and I’ll tell you all about him!).

Turns out, the number that the R: IQ Tool gave me was about $150.00 lower than the amount we need to save monthly to meet the 15% retirement savings goal in Baby Step 4 (again, if you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, this might not make sense, but I can fill you in). We’re going to go with the higher number and stick to 15% because more in the retirement account can’t be a bad thing!

So, check out the Investment Inventory worksheet, and let me know what you think! I hope it helps!!!

You can also check out Debt Inventory {plus a free worksheet}Sinking Funds & Savings Account Management {with a free tracking spreadsheet}, and Managing Money Together {free download} if you’re looking for other resources!



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