Christmas Gift Planner!

Christmas is almost here, which means that it’s gift giving time! If you haven’t yet realized your dream of a gift free Christmas (or maybe that’s just my dream), that means there are probably people on your list that you need to buy for. And if you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with who’s getting what from where and for how much.

My husband and I don’t usually get each other things, and when we have, it usually turns comical in some way or other. For instance:

  • The time I put off buying his gifts until the day we were supposed to exchange. I made him go into the store with me, point out what he wanted, and then wait in the car while I bought it.
  • He leaves my presents in the plastic or paper bag that they came in because I can’t wait for him to wrap them.
  • When he bought me a single serve coffee maker even though I couldn’t have coffee because I was nursing our son, and I was having a really hard time with it. In his defense, we didn’t realize coffee was the problem until after he bought it. I returned it and bought a hair straightener.
  • The year I framed a picture for him ($10), and he bought me a beautiful necklace (more than $10).
  • And my actual favorite: We were visiting my parents 12 hours away, so instead of gifts, we bought each other road trip snacks and reading material. I bought him Little Debbie’s and wrapped a Dave Ramsey book that I borrowed from the library. He got me gossip magazines and buffalo sauce Wheat Thins. Best presents ever.

We do a much better job buying for our families than we do each other. I usually have a list going in my phone, but it always seems to get jumbled and there’s no columns, so how a lady supposed to stay organized?

A Christmas Gift Planner, that’s how! I made a free printable that you can download and print to stay organized as you buy gifts for the people in your life.

I’m going to print mine today-ok I started this post much earlier and now it’s 9:00, so I’ll print it tomorrow-and start writing out what everyone is going to get.

If you use it, tag me on Instagram @thesimplegirlsguide, so I can see it in action!!!

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