20 (Financial) Questions for Road Trips and Date Nights

The holidays are here!

That means road trips to visit family and friends, get togethers, gatherings, dates, and cozy nights in.

And with the New Year right around the corner, what better time to start (or continue) talking with your partner about finances?

Getting on the same page financially can have a huge impact on your overall finances, whether it’s day-to-day management or plans for the future. But getting on the same page doesn’t necessarily happen over night.

If you’ve been avoiding financial conversations with your partner, it can be difficult to start the conversation. Or maybe you’re in the early days of a relationship, and it’s just never really come up, and you don’t know how to say “hey let’s talk money” without things getting weird.

That’s where these 20 (Financial) Questions for Road Trips and Date Nights come in handy!

Yes, they are questions about finances, but they’re packaged in a very non-threatening way. Learning about your partner’s spending habits and thoughts on money can be fun!

These questions walk through the early days, jobs, and future plans, but they don’t have to get into the nitty gritty specifics that can start to cause tension and arguments.

A few tips for using 20 (Financial) Questions for Road Trips and Date Nights

  • Be honest. If you see saving the full amount for a future kid’s college fund, don’t shrug and say “I mean, whatever we can save I guess.” Put it out there. You’re not actually taking action right now, it’s just talking, so you can be honest about what you’re thinking.
  • Be open. It’s possible that your partner’s ideas and the way they see and handle money are going to be different from yours. That’s ok! Be open to their perspective.
  • Be a good listener. Being a good listener means that you listen. Your partner’s opinions and feelings belong to them, so you’re free to listen without judgement. And you might even learn something new!

So if you’re ready to get the conversation started, click the button and download your free 20 (Financial) Questions for Road Trips and Date Nights. Let me know how it goes!

Full disclosure: This is my first time using a landing page for a download. If it doesn’t work right, let me know, and I’ll get it fixed!!!

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